Education center NOWON the walfare of the city green

Education center Nowon the welfare of the city green

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Welcome to Nowon-gu office homepage.

Nowon is characteristic of its superb natural landscapes including Mt. Surak, Mt. Bulam, Danghyun and Jungrang streams etc.
In this wonderful natural environment we are to make a education-centered city where students and their parents are happy a sustainable green welfare city where humans and humans, and humans and nature are in harmony with each other and a vibrant economic city which is full of jobs based on all the citizens' participation.

We will make every effort for gu office to be like a chair where all of you local residents take a rest comfortably as you and the administration trust and collaborate with each other through communication and participation rather than unilateral administration.

We will be encouraged by local residents' and collect and reflect your precious advice in policies.
We ask for your lots of interest and participation.

Mayor of Nowon-gu Office

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