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Our district is located at the northeastern end of Seoul. In the east, we’re bordered by Byul-ne-myeon, Nam-yang-ju-gun, Gu-ri-shi of Kyung-gi-do. In the west, we’re bordered by Do-bong-gu and Kang-book-gu and in the north, we’re bordered by Eui-jung-bu-shi of Kyung-gi-do. In the south, we’re bordered by Sung-book-gu and Joong-rang-gu and serve as a gateway to the northeastern area of Seoul.

Our district has a gross area of 35.44㎢. The distance from east to west is 6.17km and from south to north is 9.23km which forms the shape of a long rectangle.
  1. 1Sanggye 1-dong
  2. 2Sanggye 3,4-dong
  3. 3Sanggye 8-dong
  4. 4Sanggye 9-dong
  5. 5Sanggye 5-dong
  6. 6Sanggye 10-dong
  7. 7Sanggye 2-dong
  8. 8Sanggye 6,7-dong
  9. 9Sanggye 4-dong
  10. 10Sanggye 1-dong
  11. 11Sanggye 2,3-dong
  12. 12Sanggye bondong
  13. 13Sanggye 2-dong
  14. 14Sanggye 3-dong
  15. 15Sanggye 1-dong
  16. 16Sanggye 2-dong
  17. 17Sanggye 1-dong
  18. 18Sanggye 1-dong
  19. 19Sanggye 2-dong

When our district was divided from Do-bong-gu on January 1st of 1988, most of the areas were occupied by agricultural areas. But now it’s become big-scaled residential area surrounded by beautiful nature and abundant green zones. With the opening of subway lines four and seven, the No-Won station area has become the place with the fifth largest floating population. No-Won-gu is now the center of northeastern Seoul in both reality and name.

Soo-rak Mountain and Bul-am Mountain are just outside of Kyung-gi-do so the street is always packed with mountain climbers. Also there is a forest therapy area to promote health and cultivate the culture of the local people.

The geographical location of No-Won-gu is as follows. The eastern end is 26∼19 of Gong-reung-dong with the north latitude 37˚37′24″11 and the east longitude 127˚06′41″11 The western end is 895-1 of Wol-gye-dong with the north latitude 37°37′40″20 and the east longitude 127°02′30″26. The distance between the east and the west is 6.17㎞. The southern end is 42-1 of Wol-gye-dong with the north latitude 37°36′40″51 and the east longitude 127°03′50″55. The northern end is san 1-1 of Sang-gye-dong with the north latitude 37°41′36″23 and the east longitude 127°04′48″82. The distance between the south and the north is 9.23㎞ which forms the shape of a long rectangle.

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