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Main Business Contents of Wolgye Branch Health Center

Oriental medicine health service (tel 2116-4573)

  • Beneficiary : Local residents 15 years of age or older in Nowon
  • Treatment contents: Health consultation and acupuncture treatment, Chinese medicine medication, Oriental medicine education, etc.

Korean medicine health promotion business(tel 2116-4583)

  • Beneficiary : Citizen in Nowon
  • Contents: Operation of Korean Traditional Medicine Health Course by Life Cycle and Korean Medicinal Health Care of Children Connected with Local Children's Facilities
  • Cost: Free

Oral Health Care Business (tel 216 - 4594)

  • Contents: Oral Health Education, Oral Examination and Consultation, Fluorine Application (Preschool children aged 6 to 7 years old)
  • Cost : Free

Chronic Disease Management Business (tel 2116-4588)

  • Content :Treatment and management of hypertension, diabetes, hyperlipidemia (medical consultation, education)

Rehabilitation Health Business(tel 2116-4589)

  • Content : Rehabilitation treatment for disabled / brain lesion disabled, Management of rehabilitation exercise room

Community-based rehabilitation Business(tel 2116-4589)

  • Content : Local rehabilitation education and self-help group management

Visiting Health Care Business (tel 2116-4338)

  • Beneficiary : Elderly people over 65 and vulnerable groups with health problems.
  • Service Providers : Placement of visiting nurses at each Dong Residents Center
  • Service contents
    • Assessing health through blood pressure, diabetes, depression, dementia, and health interview
    • Provide health counseling, health education and ongoing health care services when needed
    • Providing health and welfare related services

Regional collaboration project(Tel 2116-4580)

  • Contents: Mainly focusing on Health Branch Health Projects, connect local society resources suitable for the needs of health service target persons such as regional rehabilitation consultation body, hospital, school, welfare center and health volunteer volunteers and handle problems

Preventive Vaccination Business (tel 2116-4587)

  • Content : Infants under the age of six national mandatory vaccination

Health Promotion Project (tel 2116-4567)

  • Content : Lifetime Health Care Center Operations (basis tests, blood tests, physical measurement, counseling, future management).

Main Business Contents of Gongneung Branch Health Center

Chronic disease management business (☎ 2116-4981)

  • Beneficiary : Hypertension · Diabetic patients and local residents
  • Contents: Chronic disease education such as hypertension, diabetes, chronic disease exercise class, health lecture operation

Lifelong Health Care Center(☎ 2116-4982, 2116-4981~4)

  • Beneficiary : age 20 years old or older
  • Contents: Basic health examination (blood pressure, blood sugar, cholesterol, triglyceride, waist circumference) Professional counseling and health prescription (nursing, exercise, nutrition) Body composition and physical fitness (8 kinds) and exercise prescription according to the result Operation of exercise program for prevention and health care of metabolic syndrome Local residents' health lectures, community relations, etc.

Rehabilitation Health Business(☎ 2116-4978)

  • Beneficiary : Brain lesion, handicapped person
  • Contents: rehabilitation exercise room, one-to-one rehabilitation exercise, group rehabilitation exercise class, rehabilitation yoga classroom

Main Business Contents of Sanggye Branch Health Center

Lifelong health care business and chronic disease management business (tel 2116-4987)

  • Contents: Lifelong health care center operation, exercise and health program operation, chronic disease and health lecture etc.

Activation of resident participation(tel 2116-4988)

  • Contents: Operation of health department, strengthening competence and finding health leaders, operation of resident health committee and resident meeting

Lifelong Health Care Center

  • Contents: blood test, body measurement, body composition and physical fitness, personalized health counseling

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