Other Civil Application

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Other civil service application

This table is about Other civil service application. Providing information of Category, Fee(won), Evidencing document, Processing period, Tel No.
Category Fee(won) Evidencing document Processing period Tel No.
Health and medical affairs Result of health diagnosis
(Health certificate)
1,500 Photo ID 5 days 2116-4502
Medical certificate 1,500 Photo ID 5 days 2116-4502
Report of opening medical institution 100,000(Hospital) Copy of license of doctor, medical charge table, layout and etc 5 days 2116-4372~3
40,000(Clinic) 5 days
Report of sales business of medical instruments 10,000 Medical certificate, report 3 days 2116-4369
Report of opening glass business 20000 Copy of license, Layout and etc 5 days 2116-4373
Report of opening pharmacy 10,000 Application, 2 Photos 3 days 2116-4376
Report of opening postpartum care center Copy of license, Layout 5 days 2116-4350
Report of sterilization business Report and etc 7 days 2116-4344
Food hygiene Permission of opening cozy liquor store or amusement saloon 28,000 Application for business permission 3 days 2116-4318
Report of opening rest and general restaurant 28,000 Certificate of hygienic education, report and etc immediately 2116-4315
Sucession of the position of business owner 9,300 Certificate of sales business, Certificate of hygienic education and etc immediately 2116-4315
Public hygiene Report of food manufacturing, immediate sales and small classified sales business 2,8000 Report and etc immediately 2116-4322
Opening of lodge, public bath, barber and beauty parlor and laundry immediately 2116-4323
Report of business - Manufature of sanitary article, sanitary treatment 7,000(3,500) Report and etc 3 days 2116-4323
Report of business - manufature of cleaning agent 20,000(10,000) Report and etc 7 days 2116-4323

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