Mental Health Care

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Mental health care(tel 2116-4591~3)

  • Content : Free mental health consultation for communityresidents (Weekdays 09:00 ~ 18:00): Consultation by visiting after inquiry by phone
This table is about Mental health care. Providing information of Category, Content.
Category Content
Risk assessment
  • Management of risk assessment target and construction of risk corresponding and emergency system
  • Management of example of non-intensive control target
Support for social adaptation
  • Discovery, registration of the mentally challenged and management of example of intensive control target
  • Operation of club and short-term program
  • Education and event for family
Support for early finding
  • Lecture on mental health and advertisement event for improvement of recognition
  • Connection to treatment after early examination of melancholia, toxic mental disease
Support for children and teenagers
  • Management of school centered examples, discussion of examples targeting teachers
  • Training of teachers and parents
  • Mental helath examination , mental health promotion program

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