Management of Infectious Disease

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Tuberculosis management (tel 2116-4507~8)

  • Content: Diagnosis of tuberculosis (Chest X-ray examination and sputum examination), treatment of tuberculosis (medical treatment and medication)
  • Cost: Examination - Free, medication - \2,000

Management of AIDS and venereal disease

  • Content: Venereal disease examination, treatment and consultation (tel 2116-4344), Free and anonymous examination of AIDS (tel 2116-4536)

Prescription of preventive medicine from malaria

  • Content: Prescription of preventive medicine from malariaand consultation (tel 2116-4561), Management in case of malaria patient (tel 2116-4344)

Disinfect disinfectant (tel 2116-4344)

  • Content: Environment-friendly prevention of epidemics for vulnerable area, river area, and rehabilitation facilities

Support of medical cost

This table is about Support of medical cost. Providing information of Category, Target,Tel No.
Category Target Tel No.
Support of medical cost for person with AIDS One who applied after medical treatment of the hospital specialized in AIDS 2116-4346
Support of patient of Group 1 legal epidemic Cholera, typhoid fever, paratyphoid, Hepatitis A bacillary dysentery, enterohemorrhagic colon bacillus infection 2116-4344
Support of the cost of treatment for preventing vertical infection of hepatitis B and examination Medical institution that provided preventive treatment and inspection to new-born baby from woman having positivity of hepatitis B surface antigen in the territory 2116-4515

Adult disease prevention vaccination(tel 2116-4515)

This table is about Adult disease prevention vaccination. Providing information of Kind of preventive vaccination, Beneficiary and period of vaccination, Fee(\).
Kind of preventive vaccination Beneficiary and period of vaccination Fee(\)
Hepatitis B Children(under the age of 10) 2000
Adult 3450
Japanese enchephalitis Aged 6 and 12 Free
Typhoid fever Workers in hygiene control establishments free
Overseas traveler aged 5 or older 3950
Epidemic Hemoorrhagic fever Throughout the year 8150
Influenza Aged 65 or older(October ~ November) Free
Td Aged 12 Free

* Paid vaccination amount may be changed according to the ordinance relating to the charge for medical treatment of the health center.

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