Guidance for Office Building

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Guide to office building

Guide to office building
This table is about Guide to office building. Providing information Floor , Department, Tel
Floor Department Tel
6th floor Visiting Nurse Room
5th floor Multi Auditorium
4th floor Medical & Pharmaceutical Affairs Division 2116-4363
Medical Examination Room 2116-4558~59,4561
Lifelong Health Care Center 2116-4461~67
3rd floor Director's Room 2116-3023
Sanitation Health Division 2116-4331
Community Health Service Division 2116-4335
2nd floor Inoculation Room 2116-4511,4513~15
Internal Medicine 2116-4544~47
Dentistry 2116-4549~50
Physical Therapy Room 2116-4548
Prenatal Care Room 2116-4510
Stop Smoking Clinic 2116-4538~41
H4 Center 2116-4554~55
1st floor Civil Service Room 2116-4502~3
Pharmacy 2116-4531
Radiation Room 2116-4532~33
Rreventive Health Care Room 2116-4506~08
Pathological Examination Room 2116-4534~37
Nutrition Plus Consultation Room 2116-4560,4562,4599
basement level one Health Education Room

* Mental Health Care Center : Main building (District Office) 5th Floo

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