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  • Emblem
  • Emblem
  • Based on the royal azalea and collared dove, we tried to give forms to our strong will to grow as a powerful and dynamic place in the areas of economy, housing, culture, education, social welfare, and environment.

  • Flower
  • Flower
  • Royal azalea is the symbol of passion and fame and it expresses the progressive spirit of No-Won inhabitants

  • Tree
  • Tree
  • Paulownia tree has been a symbol of wealth since the old days and it expresses the welfare of No-won

  • Tree
  • Bird
  • Collared dove is the symbol of love and peace and it expresses the harmony of No-Won residents

  • Green_color
  • Color
  • Green is the color of youth and peace and it symbolizes the abundance and stability of No-Won

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