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  •  Soo-rak Mountain
  • Soo-rak Mountain
  • Location
    border of Byul-ne-myun, Eui-jung-bu-shi, Gyeonggi-do, No-Won-gu, Seoul, Korea, Height (638m)
  • Transportation
    [Subway] national railway, Eui-jung-bu station, line number 4 Dang-go-ge station, line number 7 Soo-rak mountain station (15 minute walking distance to Soo-rak mountain ticket office)
    [Bus] local line 1128, 1139, 1143, 1145, 1152, 1153, 1154, provincial line 146)
  • Tourist attractions
    Bul-am mountain, Dong-gu-reung, Tae-reung, National park of Buk-han mountain
    Recreational facilities (swimming pool, restaurant, store) There are many great mountains around Seoul are but Soo-rak mountain shows versatile characteristics throughout all four seasons. Charming little gendarmes give the impression of visiting Seo-rak Mountain or wal-chul Mountain in the distance. In Soo-rak mountain which is located in the border of Eui-jung-bu-shi
    Gyeonggi-do, Seoul and Bul-ne-myun, Nam-yang-ju-shi, various waterfalls such as Gum-ryu, Eun-ryu, Ok-ryu and Heung-guk temple which was built during Shilla period and Ne-won temple, Suk-lim temple, Gue-san-jung which were built during the Joseon-jo period are being scattered.

    Bul-am Mountain is on the south of Soo-rak Mountain and Do-bong Mountain is located on the west side. Soo-rak Mountain offers various paths up a mountain and the most popular path among Seoul residents starts from in front of the Dang-go-ge station (subway line 4) through Hak-lim temple and Young-gul-am. The ridge connected to Bul-am Mountain offers great scenery of royal azalea blossoms during spring time. During weekends and holidays, the place is packed with lots of people for mountain paths are not rugged and the place is easy to get to.