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  • Joong-rang Stream
  • Joong-rang Stream
  • The old Joong-rang Stream was also called ‘Seo-won’ Stream in the vicinity of Do-bong-dong, ‘Sat River’ meaning the “Small River of the Han River’ in the vicinity of Sang-ge-dong, and ‘Han Stream or Han-ne’ meaning the “stream coming down from upper Han River.”

    In 1911 on Kyung-sung-ji-bu-do that was published by Japanese government, the name was written as Joong-rang-gyo and became widely used among other literatures of followers. The same name has been used ever since.
  • Joong-rang stream water system
    Joong-rang stream begins from Bul-guk mountain, San-buk-li, June-myun, Yang-ju-gun
    Gyeonggi-do, passes through Eui-jung-bu-shi towards the south, goes towards the west at the downstream of Song-jung-dong, Sung-dong-gu, reaches Sa-gun-dong and joins the largest branch stream, the Chung-ge stream, and joins the main stream of Han River from the right side of downstream under Sung-su Bridge. The size of Joong-rang stream valley is 299.6㎢, valley extension 34.8㎞, the average width of valley 8.61m and it’s consisted of 13 branch streams including Chung-ge stream and Woo-yi stream.