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Guidance for Medical Treatment

  • General Medical Treatment (tel 2116-4347~51)
  • Beneficiary : Community residents
  • Content of medical treatment: Chronic disease centered medical treatment
  • Preparations : Health insurance card, medical care provision card
  • Dental Treatment (tel 2116-4549)
  • Beneficiary : Community residents
  • Content of medical treatment: Dental health consultation, simple teeth ridge disease (decayed teeth, tooth extraction, plugging the opening of tooth surface)
  • Preparations : Medical insurance card, medical care provision card
  • Fee of medical treatment: \1,100
  • Pathological Examination (tel 2116-4564)
Pathological Examination
  • Radiology Room (tel 2116-4565)
  • Physical Therapy (tel 2116-4548)
  • Health Examination (tel 2116-4559)
  • Selection of Beneficiaries (National Health Insurance Corporation)
  • - Beneficiaries of general health examination are Householder in the community, subscribers in
    workplace, members in the family of the age of 40 or older and the supported

    * Once every two years, and every year for non office worker

    * Age of 40, and 66 are excluded from beneficiaries of Health examination since they are target of life transition period health examination

  • Primary health examination (Examination institution)
  • 1. Health examination and consultation

    2. Height and weight, body mass index

    3. Eyesight test, hearing test

    4. Measurement of blood pressure

    5. Waist measurement

  • Secondary health examination (Examination institution)
  • - Tuberculosis and other lung disease

    - High blood pressure disease

    - hyperlipidemia

    - Liver disease

    - Diabetes

    - Anemia

  • Preventive Health Care Room (tel 2116-4507~8)
  • Examination and treatment of tuberculosis
  • - Beneficiary : One who has abnormal symptoms in the respiratory organ (cough for more than 3 weeks), patient and family of patient, one who lives with patient, and resident who wants examination (At least 13 years of age).

    - Content : X-ray examination and sputum examination (Free)

  • Examination and management of venereal disease
  • - Beneficiary of periodic examination of venereal disease: Women of special business type, hostess of decadent entertainment, dancer, female worker of coffee shop, female worker of lodgings, and female worker of massage parlor

    - Content : STD examination and serum test

  • Vaccination Room (tel 2116-4515)
  • Vaccination Room
    * Fee for preventive vaccination may be change since it is purchase unit price.
  • Infant and Child Room (tel 2116-4511~3)
  • Beneficiary : Children aged 0~6
  • Content : Health consultation, free preventive vaccination
Infant and Child Room
  • Maternity Room (tel 2116-4510)
  • Management prior to childbirth

    - It is possible for pregnant woman to register and receive health management during the term of pregnancy.

    Management prior to childbirth
  • Management of after child delivery

    - Congenital metastasis problem examination (6 kinds) of newbornbaby (within 3~7 days after the birth) is requested to examination institution by blood collecting

    - Health consultation for woman delivered of a child, consultation of lactation of breast milk and preventive vaccination for newborn child.

  • Visiting Nursing Room (tel 2116-4336~4338)
  • -Visiting nursing, visiting medical treatment, medical treatment tour, request for cancer examination, and connection treatment are carriedout in the Visiting Nursing Room

  • Nursing by visitation

    - It is carried out by visiting beneficiaries of basic life cost residing in the community

  • Medical treatment by visiting

    - Doctor and nurses provide medical treatment by visiting to those who cannot move freely

  • Medical treatment by tour

    - Medical treatment is carried out 1~2 times a month targeting 9 organizations including Wounded Veteran's Welfare Center

  • Connection with family nursing business
  • Rehabilitation tools (wheelchairs, crutches) will be lent
  • Bone Density Examination (tel 2116-4533)
  • - Bone density examination to find out and prevent osteopenia and osteoporosis

  • Reservation for examination

    - tel : 2116-4533

  • Beneficiary of examination

    - Female over age of 40, and male over age of 65 among the community residents

  • Examination fee

    - \5,000 for the aged from 40 to 64, free for the aged of 65 or older and beneficiary of basic life cost