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Guidance for Business

  • Other civil service application
    • Category Fee(won) Evidencing document Processing period Tel No.
      Health and medical affairs Result of health diagnosis
      (Health certificate)
      1,500 Photo ID 5 days 2116-4502
      Medical certificate 1,500 Photo ID 5 days 2116-4502
      Report of opening medical institution 100,000(Hospital) Copy of license of doctor, medical charge table, layout and etc 5 days 2116-4372~3
      40,000(Clinic) 5 days
      Report of sales business of medical instruments 10,000 Medical certificate, report 3 days 2116-4369
      Report of opening glass business 20000 Copy of license, Layout and etc 5 days 2116-4373
      Report of opening pharmacy 10,000 Application, 2 Photos 3 days 2116-4376
      Report of opening postpartum care center Copy of license, Layout 5 days 2116-4350
      Report of sterilization business Report and etc 7 days 2116-4344
      Food hygiene Permission of opening cozy liquor store or amusement saloon 28,000 Application for business permission 3 days 2116-4318
      Report of opening rest and general restaurant 28,000 Certificate of hygienic education, report and etc immediately 2116-4315
      Sucession of the position of business owner 9,300 Certificate of sales business, Certificate of hygienic education and etc immediately 2116-4315
      Public hygiene Report of food manufacturing, immediate sales and small classified sales business 2,8000 Report and etc immediately 2116-4322
      Opening of lodge, public bath, barber and beauty parlor and laundry immediately 2116-4323
      Report of business - Manufature of sanitary article, sanitary treatment 7,000(3,500) Report and etc 3 days 2116-4323
      Report of business - manufature of cleaning agent 20,000(10,000) Report and etc 7 days 2116-4323