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  • Health promotion
  • Content : Support for small group and individuals based on individual, area, and workplace.
    • Category Content Tel No.
      Antismoking business Inspection and instruction for implementation status relating to national health promotion laws, and use of public facilities, antismoking education, antismoking instruction activity of youth health instructor, Non smoking campaign, non smoking adveritsement business 2116-4364~8
      Operation of antismoking clinic and mobile antismoking clinic 2116-4538~42
      Local specialization and health pattern improvement business Business for obesity, nutrition, alcohol moderation centering the place of life such as workplace, hospital and school 2116-4368
      Dental Business Dental Treatment business Dental treatment, plugging of gap of teeth 2116-4559
      Dental health business Free artificial tooth for the aged, fluoricgel coating business, visiting dental health service 2116-4370
      Management of inveterate disease Prevention and management advertisement for high blood pressure, diabetes, hyperlipidemia Operation of high blood pressure and diabetes class 2116-4370