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  • Health examination
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      Primary and secondary health examination of National Health Insurance Corporation Beneficiary of Health examination by National health Insurance Coporation
      - High blood pressure, diabetsss, liver disease, hyperlipidemia, anemia, kidney function, lung disease, heart disease and etc
      Free 2116-4559
      health examination for each life period
      (age of 40, age of 66)
      Primary health examination
      -Age of40: hyperlipidemia(neutral fat, HDL-cholesterol), abdominal obesity in addition to the exisiting health examination.

      -Age of 66: The secondary health exanmination such as function evaluation for aged. bone density and etc. in addition to existing health examaination.

      -Post management such as life habit evaluation and improvement prescription.
      Free 2116-4559
      Health examination prior to marriage Unmarried male and female residing in Nowon-gu
      - Examination of hepatitis, venereal disease and rubella
      Health examination for foreigners Marriage immigrant and foreigner worker
      - High blood pressure, diabetes and tuberculosis
      Free 2116-4559
      Other health examination Aged 20 or older residing in Nowon-gu
      - High blood pressure, diabetes, tuberculosis and etc
      3,940 2116-4559