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Guidance for Business

  • Tuberculosis management (tel 2116-4507~8)
  • Content: Diagnosis of tuberculosis (Chest X-ray examination and sputum examination), treatment of tuberculosis (medical treatment and medication)
  • Cost: Examination - Free, medication - \2,000
  • Management of AIDS and venereal disease
  • Content: Venereal disease examination, treatment and consultation (tel 2116-4344), Free and anonymous examination of AIDS (tel 2116-4536)
  • Prescription of preventive medicine from malaria
  • Content: Prescription of preventive medicine from malariaand consultation (tel 2116-4561), Management in case of malaria patient (tel 2116-4344)
  • Disinfect disinfectant (tel 2116-4344)
  • Content: Environment-friendly prevention of epidemics for vulnerable area, river area, and rehabilitation facilities
  • Support of medical cost
    • Category Target Tel No.
      Support of medical cost for person with AIDS One who applied after medical treatment of the hospital specialized in AIDS 2116-4346
      Support of patient of Group 1 legal epidemic Cholera, typhoid fever, paratyphoid, Hepatitis A bacillary dysentery, enterohemorrhagic colon bacillus infection 2116-4344
      Support of the cost of treatment for preventing vertical infection of hepatitis B and examination Medical institution that provided preventive treatment and inspection to new-born baby from woman having positivity of hepatitis B surface antigen in the territory 2116-4515
  • Adult disease prevention vaccination(tel 2116-4515)
    • Kind of preventive vaccination Beneficiary and period of vaccination Fee(₩)
      Hepatitis B Children(under the age of 10) 2000
      Adult 3450
      Japanese enchephalitis Aged 6 and 12 Free
      Typhoid fever Workers in hygiene control establishments free
      Overseas traveler aged 5 or older 3950
      Epidemic Hemoorrhagic fever Throughout the year 8150
      Influenza Aged 65 or older(October ~ November) Free
      Td Aged 12 Free
  • · Paid vaccination amount may be changed according to the ordinance relating to the charge for medical
    treatment of the health center.