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Branch Health Center

  • Traditional Therapy Health Promotion Business (tel 2116-4573)
  • Beneficiary : Community residents of Nowon-gu aged 15 and above
  • Content of medical treatment : Korean traditional therapy and management, acupuncture ·Moxibustion·cupping, Koeran traditional therapy education
    (paralysis prevention class, Korean traditional recuperation class)
  • Dental Health Business (tel 2116-4595)
  • Content of medical treatment : Dental treatment and management, fluoric coating, dental health education
  • Cost of medical treatment
    - Free : Aged over 65 and beneficiary of basic life cost, national veteran of merit, welfare card holding disabled in the territory

    - Paid : Beneficiary of health insurance aged from 15 to 64 (Issue of outside hospital
    prescription slip : \500)

  • Chronic Disease Management Business (tel 2116-4578) and rehabilitation health care business (tel 2116-4589)
  • Content : Execution of health education (nutrition, antismoking, moderation in drink, exercise), physical (pain) therapy, visiting rehabilitation, and rehabilitation treatment after medical treatment of doctor
  • Visiting Health Care Business (tel 2116-4581)
  • Beneficiary : Beneficiary of basic life cost and the one who wants among the next upper level in the area of Wolgye (1~4-dong).
  • Content : Visiting nursing and visiting medical treatment, blood pressure and diabetes checking and bedsore management and etc, through visiting the beneficiary at home
  • Community Connection Business (tel 2116-4580)
  • Content : Connection of human and material resource such as rehabilitation sponsorship institution, hospital, school, welfare center and etc. which is appropriate for the needs of recipients centering the eight model business of the Branch Health Center.
  • Preventive Vaccination Business (tel 2116-4588)
  • Content : Infants under the age of six national mandatory vaccination
  • Health Promotion Project (tel 2116-4569)
  • Content : Lifetime Health Care Center Operations (basis tests, blood tests, physical measurement, counseling and treatment, future management).