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  • Bul-am Mountain
  • Bul-am mountain
  • Location
    border of Byul-ne-myun, Nam-yang-ju-shi, Gyeonggi-do, No-Won-gu, Seoul, Korea), Height (507m)
  • Transportation
    [subway] line number 4 get off at the Dang-go-ge station (15~20 minutes walking distance)
    [Bus] local line 1138, 1139, 1224
  • Tourist attractions around the area
    (Soo-rak mountain, Buk-han mountain, National park, Hak-do-am
  • Recreational facilities
    swimming pool, restaurant, store
    It’s a small rocky mountain located in the border of Byul-ne-myun, Nam-yang-ju-shi and Joong-ge-dong, Sang-ge-dong, No-Won-gu, Seoul and has the height of 508m. Gross area is approximately 1.62 million pyoeng. It was designated as the natural park of city in 1977. It was named Bul-am for its image resembling a Buddha wearing Songnak and it’s also known as Chun-bo Mountain and Pil-am Mountain. The widely spread ridge offers people cool scenery and the paths are not ragged so anyone can easily reach the top. Anyone who goes up to the top at night times will enjoy the beautiful night scenery of Seoul.

    On the second peak of Bul-am Mountain, which is located 420m above sea level, is the sacred ground of Bul-am Mountain. This place is marked as ‘San-sung-ji’ on the map of Dae-dong-yeo and the size is about 300 steps. Rock cliffs that are scattered everywhere are utilized as a rock climbing practice area. There are more than 10 paths and mineral spring spots. The Bul-am fall is popular among ice ridge climbers during the winter.